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OSLO 9th jan at 17-21.00

Meditation in Oslo


La Rochelle


march 3-2

at 09-17.00




Bislet Bad

Pilestredet 60

Medical treatment Massage in Oslo


4-5th Dec

8-9th jan

5-6th feb

5-6th march

2-3th april

30-1th may

11-12th june

evening at 20.00 Avalokiteshora meditation


Price 500.- for massage in Oslo: address Bislet Bad pilestrdet 60


Registration/booking for massage in Oslo:

Send email (in English) or send sms.

Registration for Massage can also be done before or after the meditation.Hamar

Sted: new


Lille Strandgate 3

Meditation in Hamar

12th jan at 15-17.00

9th feb at 15-17.00

9th march at 15-17.00

6th April at 15-17.00

4th may at 15-17.00

15th june at 15-17.00

at 17-20.00

(cost 700 kr


Meditation about Stages of the Path to Enlightenment (Tsong-kha-pa)


Fredag kl 17.00 - 20.30:

Meditasjon Chenrezig, Avalokiteshvara,

medfølelsens og kjærlighetens Buddha.

Vi lærer meditasjon med shanting og visualisering.


Lørdag kl 11.00-16.00, Søndag kl 11.00-15.00:

Tibetansk Buddhistisk Filosofi

Tekster fra Je Tsongkhapa - Lamrim Chenmo


Programmet vil fortsette over ett år, en gang i måneden.


Sted: Address

Lille Strandgata 3


912 444 89

Medical treatment Massage in Hamar

6-8th Dec

10-13th jan

7-10th feb

7-10th march

4-7th april

2-5th may

13-16th june


Medical treatment Massage Otta/ Sjoa

10-11th Dec at 15-17.00

14-15th jan at 15-17.00

11-12th feb at 15-17.00

11-12th march at 15-17,00

8-9th April at 15-17.00

6-7th may at 15-17.00

17-18th june at 15-17.00


evening at 20.00

evening at 20 Avalokishorava meditation and breath Yoga.

Any questions? Please contact me


Tashi delek.

"Compassion is the core of tibetan culture.

The tradition and techniques to fill the heart with true compassion

for all living beings

has been carried on from generation to generation by philosophy,

yoga, massage and attitude of life."




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