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meditation and yoga Massage


17-30th jan

at 17-21.00

14-28th feb

at 17-21.00

13-29th march

at 17-21.00


time 08- at 22.00 treatment massage


Dec at 08-22.00

31th dec at 08-22.00

21th january at 08-22.00

28th january at 08-22.00

18th feb at 08-22.00

25th feb at 08-22.00

18th march 08-22.00

25th march at 08-22.00

15th april at 08-22.00

22th april at 08-22.00

13th may at 08-22.00

27th march 08-22.00

3rd june at 08-22.00

21th march at 08-22.00

Address: Larsbergs 4-6, Lidingö


Meditation and breath Yoga Schedule day and time.

Every friday at 17-21,00

(cost 300.-

Address: Naturligtvis Häsocenter

Larsbergs Torg 4-6

181 39 Lidingö

Any questions? Please contact me.


Tashi delek!

"Compassion is the core of tibetan culture. The tradition and techniques

to fill the heart with true compassion for all living beings

has been carried on from generation to generation by philosophy,

yoga, massage and attitude of life."







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