Alternative massage-combinations





Tibetan medical massage with strokes by Tibetan massage-stone. The massage cleanses and removes impurities and increases blood- and lymph-circulation. Also the muscles are made more smooth and elastic. During the massage the "calm and peace"-hormone oxytocin is released, and in this way the level of stress-hormones in the body is reduced. The stone is used variously warm and cold. You feel relaxed and calm and at the same time vitalized.




Tibetan yoga encompasses breath, movements with the body and meditation, a traditional tool for Tibetan monks in their attempt to achieve spiritual experiences. This treatment begins with yoga and is then followed by traditional Tibetan medical massage. The massage increases the flow in the body and focuses on breath as well as the body´s energy-points. A pleasant treatment to start the body´s circulation.




A meditative and different treatment for body and soul which is begun with a short ceremony (tibetan prayer-time with mantras, called puja) where Lobsang Dakpa among other things recites mantras, as monks have done throughout several thousands of year. Thereafter follows Tibetan medical massage where the energy-flow is stimulated and balanced. During the treatment you enter a meditative and relaxing state.


Tibetan facial- and head-massage


A wonderful massage for the body´s upper parts; shoulders, throat, hair-base and face. During the massage the head´s reflex-points are stimulated so that circulation of blood and lymph increases. Good for you who are stressed and want to slow down.

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"Compassion is the core of tibetan culture. The tradition and techniques to fill the heart with true compassion for all living beings has been carried on from generation to generation by philosophy, yoga, massage and attitude of life."