Meditation is central within the Tibetan life and culture.

The Tibetan meditation has a deep meaning. Understanding the meaning makes it easier to take part of all the benefits meditation can bring.

Meditation is a deep and concentrated relaxation that you reach by focusing and reaching to the inside of yourself.

Using daily focused meditation will bring you not only concentrated deep relaxation,

but also less stress, new energy, better contact with your inner self, balance, health, wellbeing among other things.

Meditation is also a key source of compassion.


The meditation I teach comes from the Mahayana tradition in Buddhist philosophy.

There are several different types of meditation such as Avalokiteshvara meditation, Medicine Buddha meditation or Breath yoga meditation.

Sometimes the meditations held will be a combination of these.


I will explain, go through and guide you through the meditation.

Necessary texts will be handed out. See my meditation schedule here.

"Compassion is the core of tibetan culture. The tradition and techniques to fill the heart with true compassion for all living beings has been carried on from generation to generation by philosophy, yoga, massage and attitude of life."



Avalokiteshvara means The Lord who gazes/looks down at the world with compassion. He represents Buddha's infinite compassion. Avalokiteshvara's Tibetan name is Chenrezig. His Holiness Dalai Lama is the incarnation of Avalokiteshvara. This meditation includes visualizations and reciting of the Avalokiteshvara mantra.


Bhaisajyaguru, or Medicine Buddha, is the Buddha of healing. He is a very old Buddha, from long before Gautama Buddha (the ”historical” Buddha). Medicine Buddha was described by Gautama Buddha, and the text can be found in what is called the Medicine Buddha Sutra. His colour is blue (lapis lazuli), which is the colour of healing. This meditation includes visualizations and reciting of the Medicine Buddha mantra.


This meditation covers a very powerful breath exercise, with a powerful mantra.