"Compassion is the core of tibetan culture. The tradition and techniques to fill the heart with true compassion for all living beings has been carried on from generation to generation by philosophy, yoga, massage and attitude of life."


Basing the meditation techniques on a dahrma wheel, the mind acquires a practice that releases stress and induces mental calmness and brings the mind back under control from any state of agitation.

Mindfulness and concentration are the results of mind yoga.

Wisdom and enlightened mind starts to shine through as a result of the practice.


The White Tara symbolises inner peace, transcendence, positive actions and efforts for the sake of others.

The Yoga method unifies breath both short and longer thus through the practice, stabilising and lengthening breaths resulting in physical and mental endurance.

The inner airs are purified by means of a very soft breathing technique such that

the immune system is improved and a balanced mind can be achieved.


The crossed dorjes symbolise Body yoga, the foundation of the four elements and the the four directions that lend stability to the construction

of the building of the symbolic yogic body.

Building the yogic body starts with the physical level. The benefits are strength and stamina, a feeling of lightness pervading the body, as well as an improved sleep quality and general health. The methods are effective and not connected to any particular belief system.

However tantric yogic practises are also available upon request for the interested learner.