A basic concept within Tibetan medicine is life-energy. As long as this flows we will be in balance and thereby healthy, strong and life-strong. Tibetan medical massage aims at increasing circulation, stimulate lymph-dranage and agility. Through various techniques skin, weave and muscles together with zones and energy-points are worked.


Tensions and blockages are freed in a natural way, which makes weave and muscles able to work freely. The massage helps a total relaxation and increased well being. The respiration becomes more rhythmical, concentration increases, sleep becomes better and the immune-system is strengthened – the body and soul becomes a unity.


I concentrate on three different basic forms of massage such as Tactile massage, Vein- and blood circulating massage and Powerful Tibetan medical massage. You can read more about them below. I also perform four types of alternative massage-combinations such as Stone-massage, Yoga-massage, Puja-massage and Tibetan facial- and head-massage. See my contact information and schedule.


"Compassion is the core of tibetan culture. The tradition and techniques to fill the heart with true compassion for all living beings has been carried on from generation to generation by philosophy, yoga, massage and attitude of life."


The Avalokiteshvara mandala represents

the compassionate and loving inner values. In order to express these in the human body, balance and calmness is needed, which can be enhanced through Tactile massage.

In Tactile Massage the circulation of skin and fat-weave is improved. The massage effectively removes impurities. Gives the skin an increased agility and lustre.


The Kalachakra mandala and initiations

establish a pure universe. It's specific yoga utilises subtle channels and chakras that connect the human body to the universe. In order to open the subtle channels it can be helpful with vein- and blood circulating massage.

This is a powerful massage, which gives the skin, weaves and muscles oxygen and stimulates blood-circulation by opening and separating the veins. Dissolves blockages and gives the blood oxygen. The technique includes both soft and hard strokes, and during the massage energy-points are stimulated with special grips (no needles are used).


The Medicine Buddha mandala is a specific body of knowledge enabling the enlightened activities of the medicine Buddha to satisfy the physical needs of sentient being in terms of health and well being by connecting the human body mandala with nature mind. which is the natural connection between thoughts and feelings this connection can be improved by powerful tibetan massage.

This is a very powerful massage which except for affecting the muscle-system and blood-circulation also affects the skeleton and gathers energy, heat and power. When the blood-circulation increases, rest-products are transported and stagnated energy removed. The body is vitalized and feels light. According to thousand-year-old Buddhist tradition wisdom is said to more easily attend to the mind.